About Morey's Seafood Markets. - (800) 548-9630

Seafood Markets, Ltd. was in founded in 1996 by Ellen & Stephen Frank to carry on the retail fish business established by Ed Morey in the late 1930’s and expanded by his son Loren Morey in 1978.

The Frank family ties to the fish business date to the 1930’s and their connection to Morey’s dates to the 1940’s when Steve’s grandfather purchased fresh smoked whitefish from Ed Morey.  The fish were shipped in wooden crates on Railway Express from Motley, Minnesota to Sioux Falls, South Dakota for distribution by Franks Frozen Foods to regional grocery stores.  During the early 1950’s the relationship and business had grown to the point a truck was needed to pick up fish in Motley, the truck was often piloted by Steve’s father Bill Frank.

Through the years the Frank and Morey ties strengthened through various business relationships.  Steve and Ellen became involved in 1981 with a move from the Twin Cities to Motley when Steve was hired by International Multifoods as assistant store manager for Morey’s Fish House and reported to Iven Hudalla. (Iven’s on the Bay).  During Steve and Ellen’s time in Motley their daughter Elsye was born.  Elsye Frank Burton (VP of Operations for Seafood Markets, Ltd.) is now the fourth generation of the Frank family to carry on the tradition of bringing premium quality products and excellent service to the business of selling fish.

Our mission is to bring foodservice quality seafood direct to the consumer, enabling our customers to have restaurant quality products at home.  Since we have actual stores our customers are able to see, feel and often taste the products we offer.  This is really the only way to compare the myriad offerings of quality, size and variety available in fish and seafood.

All fish are not created equal, you can trust us to bring you the best.