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Butter Poached DISHWASHER Lobster

Butter Poached Dishwasher Lobster

By Jarrod McKinney


Ingredients - 1 small lobster tail, 1 stick of butter


Cooking Utensils

Ball Mason jar with lid

Dishwasher (Preferably full of dirty dishes! The trick is killing 2 birds with one stone! Get the dishes done and cook dinner in 1 fell swoop! Great for guys trying to earn brownie points!)



Cut half the stick of butter into pats and drop into the mason jar.

Shell and split the lobster tail and place in the mason jar.

Cut remainder of butter into pats over the lobster.

Place lid on tightly.

Place in dishwasher (with dirty dishes!) directly over the lower heating element.

NOTE - placing over the heating element is key to thoroughly cooking your tails!



Since every dishwasher is different, results may vary!

I used basically every wash option available to lengthen the cook time. I figured over cooked was better than under. I used Heavy Wash, Steam Clean, Super Scrub, and most importantly, Heated Dry!

Amazingly enough, It was perfect. Some of the best prepared lobster I've ever had.


Cooking time will obviously vary with different dishwashers, but 2.5 - 3.5 hours will be about average. You may want to time a load of dishes before attempting this so you know when to start it before your meal!


Be creative! We've used garlic and other seasonings in the jar as well, but straight butter was always our favorite. I also recommend rubbing your seasoning directly on the lobster if you try it.